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27FL Hopewell Center  
183 Queen's Street East 
Hong Kong
POBox: HW000064
Tel: +86-13437429557 
Fax: +852-30119354
Email: admin@liteld.com


Specialists in Solid State Lighting

LiteLD is a premium manufacturer of Nichia-based solid-state ligthing; LED lighting. Dedicated to producing only the highest quality lighting products for interior and exterior applications, LiteLD is committed to both style and quality within its product lines.

Discover our newest products and browse through our website to discover more about LED technology

Our commitment:

  • Provide High Quality Lighting
  • Provide Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Maintain a strong focus on design for architectural and home applications

For more information on our designs, please visit our Showcase Gallery or our Products Page.

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