About Us

LiteLD is a newly established manufacturer of high-quality solid-state lighting. Capitalizing on the latest manufacturing technologies, LiteLD offers a growing range of products for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Quality Lighting Products

We are committed to developing high-grade products at competitive market prices. At LiteLD we vow to maintain the highest quality for our components and ours designs. We have developped our lighting products to help our customers achieve a highly desired, sleek and modern, design appeal. Our continual commitment to our products and end-users is the force that will drive LiteLD to thrive and to grow as a leading edge, lighting company.

Commitment to Energy Efficiency

At LiteLD, the current environmental issues as well as the future risks facing our planet are positioned at the forefront of the design process. LED products encompass the most energy efficient technologies available on the global market. LiteLD customers will aid in the protection and preservation of our environment by significantly reducing their light energy consumption; while embracing environmental awareness, our customers will also take advantage of reduced energy costs in their homes and places of work!

Focused Design Approach

Increasingly, LED lighting is being used by commercial and residential decorators to create special lighting effects within homes, commercial spaces, and surrounding areas. To cater to this growing market, LiteLD has specifically developped its products around this concept. Wishing to provide our customers with sleek and minimalist lighting solutions for their home, office spaces, indoor and outdoor areas, LiteLD's offers a growing range of products to its satisfied customer base.  

For more information on our product designs, please visit our Showcase Gallery and visit our Product Page.